Poli Glow RV-Polishing Kit with Mitt Applicator and Scrub Pad

Category: RV Protection

Poli Glow is a well-known, proven concept in restoring faded, dull or oxidized fiberglass on RVs, sailboats and powerboats. The polishing kit features a two-step process that is guaranteed to last for 12 months. Once Poli Glow is applied, it seals and protects the surface and gives it that “wet look” shine.

In 2015, Poli Glow introduced a new mitt applicator that allows Poli Glow to be applied in a quarter of the time it used to take. Poli Glow is not a wax and will not wash off with soap and water, but it can be removed with the company’s new Poli Glow Stripper.

• Visit the Poli Glow website, www.poliglow-int.com, to see before-and-after pictures and a video demonstration.
• Read articles about Poli Glow in the October 2016 Trailer Life and December 2016 MotorHome

MSRP: $74.95

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