Trailer Life RV Gear Guide

Trailer Life’s 2018 guide to RV gear showcases some of the latest supplies for outfitting and updating your rig. From a hybrid generator to an innovative outdoor table and an assortment of other fun and practical equipment, these accessories can ramp up your RV adventures.


Your guide to supplies and accessories for making the most of the RV lifestyle

LEER Latitude Soft Trifold Tonneau
Latitude Trifold Tonneau

Innovative latching and edge-sealing systems make LEER’s soft, folding tonneau easy to install and use.

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Tailgater Tire Table
Tailgater Tire Table

Ideal for RV campsites, this unique and versatile table is sturdy enough to handle up to 50 pounds.

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Live Infinitely Double Lightweight Camping Hammock
Live Infinitely Hammock

What’s more relaxing than flopping into a two-person camping hammock and enjoying the serenity of the setting?

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Mac Sports Padded Club Chair
Padded Club Chair

For use outdoors or inside the RV, Mac Sports’ wide, cushy camp chair folds easily and stows in a handy zippered case.

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Champion Power Equipment 3,500-Watt Digital Hybrid Generator
Digital Hybrid Generator

Champion’s innovative portable generator is quieter and significantly lighter than traditional 3,500-watt models.

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Clearsource Water Filter
Clearsource Water Filter

Purpose-built for RVers, the Premium External RV Water Filter system delivers better water and unbeatable flow. 

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Nature’s Generator Platinum Power Kit
Nature’s Generator

Take advantage of free energy from the sun and wind with the efficient, environmentally friendly Platinum power kit.

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Thetford Titan Premium RV Sewer Kit
Titan Premium Sewer Kit

Dumping RV holding tanks will never be a fun chore, but Thetford’s high-quality sewer system makes the best of it.

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Classic Accessories RV Covers
RV Covers

Three collections of hard-wearing covers from Classic Accessories protect all kinds of towable and motorized RVs.

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Poli Glow Kit with Mitt Applicator and Scrub Pad
Poli Glow Polishing Kit

A two-step process restores faded, dull and oxidized fiberglass on RV exteriors and is guaranteed for 12 months.

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Iosso Fabric Cleaner and Protectant Kit
Iosso Fabric Cleaner

Keeping RV awnings, seat cushions and rugs clean and mildew free is simple with this all-in-one kit.

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Portable Surge Guard

Southwind’s new generation of surge protection senses electrical problems at the power pedestal and inside the RV.

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Bauer Sun-Out Vent Shade
Sun-Out RV Vent Shade

Bauer’s award-winning new shade keeps light from coming though the ceiling vent and installs in about a minute.

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M4 Products LED Retrofit and Replacement Lights
M4 LED Lights

LEDs save power in RVs and provide better lighting than conventional bulbs. M4 Products supplies more than 300 styles.

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Canyon Peel and Stick Mosaics
Peel and Stick Mosaics

Lightweight vinyl stick-on tiles add pizzazz to an RV kitchen or bathroom and make cleanup a little easier.

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RVSuperbag Bedding System
RVSuperbag Bedding

As convenient as a sleeping bag, the RVSuperbag stays made and flips to its warm side when the temperature gets chilly.

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